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  • Take bandage off within one hour.

  • Wash tattoo gently and remove all seepage. Use an unscented anti-bacterial soap.

  • Wash hands prior to touching tattoo. Since abrasive, washcloths and paper towels are not recommended. Use the palm of your hand.

  • Some light scabbing or flaking may occur. Do not pick at the tattoo. Let it heal on its own.

  • Do not rebandage unless exposed to dust, dirt, or chemicals.

  • Continue to wash tattoo gently for seven days, about three to four times a day.

  • Use Aquaphor, Tattoo Goo, H2o Foam, or unscented lotion (such as, Curel or Lubriderm) only. NO petroleum based products.

  • DO NOT SATURATE! A light layer of lotion or aquaphor will do the job.

  • If rash occurs, discontinue use of lotion. Call the shop or stop in.

  • Do not expose to sunlight or ultraviolet rays for two weeks.

  • No swimming in pools, hot tubs, fresh or salt water for two weeks.



To book with any of our artists, direct message them on Instagram. The full list of our artists can be found in the bio of the shop Instagram here.


The shop minimum for a tattoo is $80. Pricing is based on size, intricacy of design, placement, and various other elements. Prices are made at the artist's discretion. Call or stop by the shop for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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