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We accept walk-in piercings!


  • Lobe $50

  • Industrial $50

  • Helix $50

  • Snug $50

  • Rook $50

  • Dermal $70

  • Daith $50

  • Tragus $50

  • Septum $50

  • Conch $50


  • Lip $50

  • Tongue $50

  • Belly button $50

  • Nipple $50

  • Surface $70

  • Nape $70

  • Eyebrow $50

  • Nose $50

  • Cheek $50

  • Genital $80


Rinse with Listerine frequently. 4 to 5 times a day and after eating, smoking, etc. Make sure all food is clear from the piercing when finished with meal. It is also important to take Motrin IB to help reduce and swelling. Best time would be half an hour before eating.



Wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap or liquid dial and also around the piercing. Make sure all the antibacterial soap is rinsed off of the piercing, then use saline solution on both sides of piercing. To help, turn the ring back and forth. Stay away from anything that could cause infection, such as swimming pools, jacuzzi, ect. Do not use alcohol or peroxide. Do these procedures for once a day until piercing is healed. Healing process is usually 4 to 6 weeks. If there are any questions, please call. CAUTION: Anything that touches the piercing could cause infection, keep hands away from the piercing unless they are clean.

Piercing Aftercare

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